Legal funding is also called as legal financing, litigation financing, settlement funding, professional funding, third party funding and litigation funding. The function of legal funding is to provide the people who are involved in lawsuits and even law firms the opportunity to push through with their plans of filing a lawsuit or facing a lawsuit by assisting them with their funds or the finances that they will be facing along the process.

The company that usually gives this kind of opportunity is what we called as third party funding company and they provide funds in a form of what we called as cash advance to these litigations or law firms that needs their help. The third party funding companies will then earn their income by the percentage share that the litigants or law firms gain during settlement and judgment, however, if these litigants or law firms that have hired their services loses during the trials then they will earn nothing and unfortunately loses the money the they have provided.

Most of the third party funding companies are selecting the litigants that have sufficient merits with their cases and some of the most common cases qualified by the third party funding companies includes civil rights cases, personal injury cases, commercial disputes, structured settlement and worker's compensation. A third party funding company which offers clients with legal funding is commonly used by the people who acts as plaintiffs or the individuals who brings a case against another individual or companies in a court of law.

The legal funding can be used by their client for any kinds of purpose, may it be for personal use or for litigation, which is unlikely to legal defense funds which can only be used to fund legal costs and litigation. If you want to learn more about legal funding, you can visit

Lawsuit funding is not recognized as a form of loan but as a form of an asset purchase and no payments can be made while the trial or the filing of lawsuit is still on-going, instead the payments can only be given once the judgment is obtained and the case is already settled, which may really take a long duration of time.


Some of the benefits from that can be obtained by the people who are qualified to obtain such opportunity are avoidance of disaster with their finances, they can use the funding for personal matters such as to avoid eviction, foreclosure, ruined credit and bankruptcy, they can also use it to pay for their child support and keep their child to continue with their studies, and for surgical procedures.